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fixed annuity leads

We generate exclusive, high quality annuity prospects for agents and financial planners across country.

We provide qualified client prospects for top financial advisors at very affordable and competitive rates; no long term contracts and the ability to start and stop the program at any time.

Annuity Lead Program Highlights

Target Nationally or locally

Fixed Annuity Leads offer packages for both a local/regional focus, as well as nationally.

Call scripts, marketing material included

Get access to our field tested scripts and marketing strategies with your first purchase.

Live supports

Have your questions answered and any issues resolved through our toll free support line at 1-800-501-1984.

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About our prospects

annuity sales team

High Quality, engaged clients

FixedAnnuityLeads.com utilizes an online marketing system that has been developed and tested over the past 10 years. All consumers inquiries we receive are search driven, meaning they take the initial step, rather than responding to an advertisement. This results in a very high quality prospect that has an existing interest in annuities, and typically has a financial decision to make in the near future.

All prospects generated by our system are exclusive to one financial planner, unlike many prospecting programs which share the information with several at a time.

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