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Let us do the leg work:

For financial planners, the process of annuity client prospecting can often be as daunting as it is important. Over the past 25 years, the insurance and financial industries have had a dramatic shift from mostly captive career agents and financial planners, to the majority being independent. With that change, proper prospecting training and support has been all but lost and forgotten.

Becoming a licensed financial planner takes hours upon hours of classroom training, numerous tests, and of course continuing education year after year. In all those hours of training, not a word is spoken about how to actually find clients. We here are fixedannuityleads.com have developed a system for financial planners to specifically address this problem. A system that we feel is the most equitable, simple, and most importantly, effective prospecting program in the country.

How the lead program works:

 Our program is an online based marketing system that attracts consumers from all over the country who show interest in annuities, annuity rates and retirement planning. This generates a high quality prospect that we verify before passing along to the designated adviser or planner. You can read more about how the leads are generated on our annuity lead page.

Once you sign up, the process begins immediately and you will often start to receive your prospects the very same day, which we email to you. You will also receive a package of marketing materials we have developed to assist in your prospecting process, including effective scripts to break the ice on your initial call.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to speak with a Fixed Annuity Lead marketing specialist who will be able to provide the framework of how best to implement a system with your prospects that provides the highest chance for success.

Flexible Packages:

National & Regional

We offer lead packages that provide you with annuity prospects nationally and regionally. For those who work well on the phone and sell throughout the country we recommend a national package, as the price per lead is set at a discounted level, and you will receive your prospects at a more rapid pace. If you prefer to work exclusively with local clients, we recommend including at least one major metropolitan area. We will work with you to set a search radius that fits your needs.

Start Small or Go Big!

We here at fixedannuityleads.com understand that every advisor and agent's marketing strategy and budget is going to be unique. Some of our advisors use our lead program as the entirety of their marketing plan and budget, while others use it as a portion. That is why we offer plans that start as low as a 5 Lead Package, and offer discounts at higher levels.

No Long Term Contracts

Our program is pay-as-you-go, meaning you have total control over when your lead flow starts and stops. You are never bound to any long term contracts, though we do offer auto-renewal options.

Will this lead program work for you?

The first thing to keep in mind is this is a marketing system and prospecting tool like many others you may use, such as seminars, radio, and direct mail. Fixed Annuity Leads may have a place in your marketing budget, but as with any prospecting system, success it never guaranteed and results may vary greatly from person to person.

 It is important to remember that it is a process and receiving a new prospect is only the beginning of that process. You wouldn't expect a new client buy an annuity as soon as they walked into your seminar, and it is just as unlikely that you will speak to a prospect who is ready to sign an application on the first call. Having that step by step process in place and proper follow-up key.

Key Features of the fixed annuity lead program

  • Packages start at as few at 5 leads with no long term contracts
  • Each new prospect it exclusive to one advisor or planner
  • Training, marketing material and scripts are provided with purchase
  • Access to Fixed Annuity Lead marketing specialists
  • National and Regional Leads Available
  • Cancel Anytime

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